Not two people’s ideal running style is the same. Since people’s bodies and running styles are different, SHFT will get to know you during the Screening- and Technical Runs and coach you, based on this data, towards the most economic running technique.

Our coaching philosophy is not based on a specific number, like 180 steps per minute or a certain Ground Contact Time. We try to coach the runner to an optimal individual running techniqie, which goes hand in hand with his or her running experiences, physiological preconditions and especially the feeling of running right. We want to achieve imrpovement in the runners technique until the runner has found this feeling of running better, smoother, faster, longer or what he or she wants to achieve. Can we then proof that there indeed has been an improvement of the running technique with help of our data, we think that we have come quite far and maybe the runner can now focus on something else, like building strenght and/or endurance and just maintain and train in the new movement patterns beside the regular training.

That being said, we do have some indications of what we strive towards, which is based on science, mathematics, empiricism and general knowledge from our coaches but we are not forcing a specifique value or technique. The feeling of run right and the measurement of running metrics will guide the runner to his individual optimal running technique.