Send an email briefly explaining what happened during your run to 

For our support team to help you the best way possible, you need to include answers to the following questions: 

- What email did you use to set up your SHFT account?

- What phone do you use, and what iOS/Android version?

- What version of SHFT App do you have? (Settings > Advanced > Version)

- Do you have other Bluetooth peripherals connected while running (smart watch, wireless headphones other sports trackers)?

- Where do you place your phone during your run (if on arm, which arm)?

- How have you placed the pods (which foot, where on the foot - on the chest strap over/under shirt?)

You will also need to upload your logs, so we can have a look at the run. 

Don't forget to upload the logs within five days of your run. 

You upload your logs by going to the SHFT App > Settings > Advanced > Upload logs