It seems like you have not received this mail from October 27. I hope this clarifies your questions.

We know that we have been silent for a very long time, but we have not been masters in our own house because the company has been under supervision by a curator since June. This period is luckily coming to a close as we have restructured and we are now ready to reach back out to our backers.
About the SHFT IQ, we have been unable to complete the project as originally designed. We ran into technical problems causing delays and at the same time some of our investors backed out causing more problems.  Again, no excuses, just relating to you two big facts that we had to deal with to get to this point.
We still intent to develop SHFT IQ in the future, but we are unable to plan a delivery date at this time.  We still want to make good to all that supported us in this campaign and offer you an alternative.  We are planning on launching "SHFT One" soon with a retail value of 119 USD. SHFT One has similar coaching as we were planning with SHFT IQ, but without the ability to run without a phone and some of the AI functions that we were planning on.  You could choose waiting for SHFT IQ, or take us up on our offer now to get a SHFT One to fulfill our campaign reward to you.

Please make sure your shipping address is correct in your Indiegogo or Kickstarter backer profile, and let us know your choice by replying to this email.

With regards
SHFT Support